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Survey Meter

Alat Mendeteksi Radiasi  Radio Aktif ( Alfa, Beta, Gamma )

Cat No. RA-1011

The Handheld Digital Radiation Alert Detector measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. It is specifically designed with the ability to recognize the smallest changes in radiation levels and have high sensitivity to many of the common radionuclide. This unit counts all ionizing events and immediately shows the results on the LCD monitor. With this device you have the freedom to choose what unit of measurement you would prefer for these results to be shown in; which can easily be adjusted with the mode switch.

Alat Mendeteksi Radiasi

Cat. No. RA-1012

The Handheld Radiation Alert Detector is a portable and compact monitor that detects radiation exposure in almost any situation. It is a battery operated device which runs on only one 9-volt alkaline battery. With this monitor there are no external wires or probes. It features three selectable ranges of detection for four different types of radiation: alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray.

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