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Sound Level Meter

Noise Exposure at Work

By : NTi Audio

•    Measure noise exposure at work according to directive 2003/10/EC
•    Confirm compliance with health standards ISO 1999:1990
•    Prevent hearing loss at work

•    Handheld and compact design for field applications
•    Calibrated acoustic measurement system
•    Improved efficiency with dedicated measurement profiles and appending test results to previous data records
•    Automated sound level documentation and high resolution wav-file recording in 24 Bit / 48 kHz format to SD Card
XL2 Measurement Functions

Sound Pressure Level SPL
for Industrial sound pollution monitoring
•    LAeq (averaged sound level with A-weighting)
•    LCpeak (peak sound level with C-weighting)
Stack Light
Alarms at exceeding sound levels, thus employees near the test station are notified immediately.

Noise exposure level LEX,8h
The Noise at Work Directive 2003/10/EC reduces the risk of hearing damage for employees. The action limits are
     LEX,8h    LCpeak     Action
Lower limit value    80 dB(A)    135 dB    recommend wearing hearing protectors
Upper limit value    85 dB(A)    137 dB    hearing protectors must be worn and noise level reduced as possible
Exposure limit    87 dB(A)    140 dB    employee with hearing protectors shall never exceed this limits

Determination of Noise Exposure Level LEX,8h:
•    At steady noise (applies for LAS deviation is < 5 dB)
Measure the LAeq over a few minutes, the resulting LAeq represents the noise exposure level of the complete 8 hours period LEX,8h = LAeq. The following formula applies for a daily exposure time ≠ 8 hours:
LEX,8h = LAeq + 10 x log ( T / 8 hours )

•    At steady noise with stepwise level variations
(applies for steady noise at clearly distinguishable levels)
Measure the LAeq at the different levels and note the corresponding exposure time. Enter all data in the NTi Audio noise exposure level post processing form; the LEX,8h will be calculated and displayed.

•    At varying noise levels:
LEX,8h = LAeq measured for 8 hours



Environmental Noise Test Solution

By : NTi Audio

•    Industrial and community noise pollution monitoring
•    Urban noise monitoring and noise mapping according to directive 2002/49/EC
•    Sound level monitoring and documentation in event areas according to local regulations
•    Outdoor measurement stations (mobile or fixed installations)
•    Annoyance assessment of noise according to ISO 1996-2
•    Remote measurement for integration into customer solution
•    Handheld and compact design for field applications and stand-alone operation
•    Predefined measurement profiles according to local standards simplify measurements for automated sound level documentation and audio wav-file recording
•    Calibrated acoustic test system for traceable measurements
XL2 Measurement Functions
The XL2 Sound Level Meter provides the dedicated solution for industrial, community and occupational noise monitoring. All measurement data is stored on the SD card. Simultaneously the XL2 may record the compressed wav-file. The event recorder functionality triggers the measurement by programmable level thresholds or manually by the external input key pad. An additional scheduler triggers measurements at pre-determined times. The Remote Measurement option extends the XL2 for storing data directly on a connected computer and the Extended Acoustic Pack offers linear wav-file recording.

Sound Pressure Level SPL
XL2 monitors the noise pollution to verify any annoying or excessive noise. All sound levels such as actual, Lmin, Lmax, Leq and the sound exposure level LAE are simultaneously measured and logged with frequency weighting A, C, Z and time weightings Fast, Slow and Impulse.
Remote Measurement (optional)
Allows querying the XL2 measurement data online via the USB interface. Thus customers may integrate the XL2 into their noise monitoring application.
Rating Level Lr
Assesses noise annoyance according ISO 1996-2. The rating level Lr is calculated as follows:

Lr = LAeq + KI + KT + KR + KS

The correction factors KI (impulses), KT (tones and information content), KR (time of day) and KS (certain sources and situations) are standardized and differ between countries. The detailed FFT analysis provides the results for the KT factor.
Measures statistic sound levels in wideband and the real time spectrum 1%, 5%, 10%, 50%, 90%, 95%, 99% (optional with Extended Acoustic Pack). This supports, for example, the calculation of the Noise Pollution Level LNP = Leq + (L10 - L90).
Noise Monitoring Network
Multiple XL2 Analyzers connect with USB Device Servers to a network for online noise monitoring. Wireless solutions are also supported. An individual Projector Software may be started for each XL2 Analyzer, thus simultaneously displaying all XL2 screens on the PC monitor. Each XL2 Analyzer can be controlled from the host PC.

Individual Solution programmed by Customer
The Remote Measurement Option allows querying of the XL2 measurement data online via the USB interface. Multiple XL2 Analyzers can be implemented into a customer specific noise monitoring solution. The XL2 acts as a front end device for sound level measurements.


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