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Particle Counter

 Features & Applications:

This particle monitor provides a way to monitor particle size and concentration. Particles are detected according to user selected size ranges, counted and then displayed. Factory calibrated and NIST certificate is included.


    * Displays 3 particle sizes simultaneously(0.3, 0.5, 1.0 or 5.0 um) in cf or m3
    * Built-in flow sensor (0.1 CFM +/- 10%)
    * User can log up to 8,000 data and easy transmission to PC or Printer
    * 1 Year Warranty
    * Ideally fit in your palm
    * Includes:
          o AC Adapter
          o 4 x AA NiMH
          o Battery Charger
          o Operation Manual
          o Zero Filter
          o Software
          o Communication Cable


Features & Benefits:

    * Dual channel
    * Self-contained-selectable particle sizes
    * Fast Sampling
    * Simple Operation
    * Battery or AC powered
    * Store up to 4,000 records for download to PC with optional software or optional printer.



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