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Portable Incubator

Cat No. WINC-16520

Fungsi : Untuk Menginkubasi media / Sample, dalam memonitoring mikrobiologi.

* Chamber size (area) 140 X 300 mm Max load height 125 mm
* Outer case size (L) 350mm (B) 280 mm (H) 200 mm
* Weight (without packing) 3.6Kg
* Power - 220-240v AC or 12v DC (2 amps @ 12v) 24w
*Control - Solid state, thermistor/comparator/transistor switched


Portable Incubator for Padle Tester

Cat No. WINC-16521

Fungsi : Untuk Menginkubasi sample dengan media Padle Tester, dalam memonitoring mikrobiologi ( Bakteri & Jamur)

 *  Simple to use and convenient
 * Supplied sterile and ready to use
 * inexpensive
 * Flexible paddle for surface readings
 * Supplied in boxes of 10
 * Results for most tests are evident in around 24 to 48 hours.


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