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Current Meter


Current Meter
Model : FL-03
Developed for use under various challenging field conditions. Its different impellers measure almost any fluid, liquid or gaseous medium. Fluid measurements can be taken in knots, km/ h, mph, and m/ s. The meter also takes temperature measurements in either ° F or ° C, including minimum and maximum temperature and current temperature.

Also included is a wind speed impeller which allows you to take air velocity and wind chill measurements. To take flow measurements from a bridge or other elevated location, use the optional flow sensor with 15 meter cable ( sold separately) . Kit includes the display, 2m telescoping rod, a 60mm water impeller, 25mm air impeller and carrying case. Weatherproof.

Accuracy : ± 2% fluid speed; ± 3% air velocity
Temperature : ± 1° F ( ± 0.2° C)
Range Fluid Speed : 0.2 to 40 mph ( 0.1 to 18 M/ Sec)
Temperature : -58° F to 212° F ( -50° C to 100° C)
Resolution : 0.3 km/ h; 0.2 mph; 0.2 knots; 0.1 M/ Sec
Temp. Modes Minimum, Maximum, Current Temperature, Wind Chill Factor
Operating Modes Current, maximum and average fluid speed
Power : 2 " AA" Batteries ( included)
Dimensions Display : 5.25" x2.25" x2.5"

Current Meter

Model : MJP

Ideal for student projects and pratical river and irrigation studies and Management.
Revolutions of impeller are sensed electronically and transmitted to a hand-held counter unit that features start, stop, and clear functions. Revolutions per unit of time can be translated into stream velocity using a conversion chart. May be used in brackish water or salt water. Fitted with a re-settable LCD counter, this flowmeter eliminates the need for tiresome calculations.

Comes complete with PVC pole mounted with an impeller which collapses into four sections for easy storage and carrying, three stream bed elevation rods, protective carrying pouch for counter, weather-proof storage case, instruction manual, and comparison charts. Optional 3-cup, hand-held anemometer is available for use with the flowmeter for measuring air velocity. Range of the anemometer is 2 mph to 65 mph.

Specifications: Materials: PVC impeller poles, stainless steel impeller shaft, plastic impeller. Dimensions: Overall pole length: 3.3’ . Four individual sections: 9.8" each. Cable: 3.3’ . Elevation rods: 9.8" , 4.9" , and 2.5" . Data Readout: LCD counter; 800 counts per minute; re-setting. Sensor Type: Magnetic. Range: Approximately 0.05m/ sec to 8.0m/ sec. Accuracy: ± 7% . Power: 2 AAA batteries ( included) .


Current Meter

Model : FP 111


The Flow Probe uses true velocity averaging. To start a running average, first hold the reset button for 3 seconds to zero the display. When the probe is placed in the water flow, an average will begin. As long as thewater velocity sensor remains in the flow, the averaging continues. Once the average reading becomes steady, the true average velocity has been obtained. When you remove the Flow Probe from the water, the average value is frozen on the display until reset.

Range : 0.3-15 FPS ( 0.1-4.5 MPS)
Accuracy : 0.1 FPS
Averaging True digital running average. Readings taken once per second
Display : LCD
Sensor Type Protected Turbo-Prop propeller with electro-magnetic pickup
Weight : 2 pounds ( 10 lbs. U.S., 14 lbs. International shipping weight)
Size Length : 3' to 6'
Materials : PVC anodized aluminum, stainless steel bearing
Power Internal watch type batteries : 1 year life
Operating Temperature : 0 to 120 F
Carrying Case : The Flow Probe is shipped in a padded carrying case

Current Meter

Model : SWOFFER 2100


A portable, reliable means of measuring open stream velocities in the range of 0.1 to 25 feet per second or 0.03 to 7.5 meters per second ( selectable) . Measurements can be read in feet or meters on your choice of two digital readout indicator models, both with better than 1% accuracy. Each meter includes a meter indicator, shoulder strap and snap ring, and PVC shipping/ storage tube for the sensor. 2100 Series includes a 9V battery, and the 3000 series includes four AA batteries.

The sensor uses a 2" propeller which rotates a fiber-optic bundle to create a signal from a photodiode to a photosensitive transistor. This signal is transferred via cable to the indicator where velocity is displayed. Resolution of the display is to hundredths. The propeller is swivel mounted for easy storage. A quick-disconnect, waterproof cable connection is located at the indicator. The electronics of the sensors are permanently encapsulated in epoxy resin and housed in chemically inert acetal-resin fittings. All sensor parts are replaceable and are available separately. Sensor wands are aluminum alloy with stainless steel fasteners. Propeller is glass impregnated nylon and all other plastic sensor parts are acetal-resin ( Delrin or Celcon) .

Model 2100 Indicator
Accommodates all types of open stream flows. Three selectable, pre-set display update times allow up to 90 seconds of averaging. In extremely turbulent flows, otherwise unreadable data is electronically averaged and can be used without interpolation. Features a dial style control and self-calibration to check accuracy of instrument while in the field. A compartment in the back of the indicator houses the battery and has space for one spare. Liquid crystal display features one line with 0.7" H digits.


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