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• Measures absorbance or transmittance in just 4 simple steps
• Available with internal printer
(Thermo Fisher Scientific) Compact, rugged and easy-to-use, this sleek instrument houses up-to-date electronics and unsurpassed optical components for excellent performance, capabilities and longevity. Only 10 keys simplify use, while the 2-line, 20-character LCD readout displays data and provides straightforward instructions. Clear messages indicate error conditions. In just four simple steps, you can measure absorbance or transmittance. Then, to run concentrations, just follow the instructions on the display. The cuvette holder provided with the spectrophotometer works with 10mm square cuvettes, 10mm test tubes or SPECTRONIC® 20 1/ 2” test tubes.
Optional snap-in holders are available for COD test tubes, 1” test tubes, filters, lenses or — for increased sensitivity — cylindrical or rectangular longpath cells up to 50mm long. For data output, use the built-in RS232C interface or the built-in Centronics printer port. Spectrophotometer S6018-2 includes an internal 20-column printer to record printed data. Programmed languages include English, Spanish, French, Czech, Portuguese and German. Includes dust cover, operator´ s manual and 5 disposable cuvettes.



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